branston pickle

the perfect English Branston Pickle sandwich:

Branston Original Pickle : by Crosse : Blackwell
Tillamook extra sharp cheddar cheese (thick slices)
Grand Central Bakery como bread
and of course Mayo
(also great on a burger)

Grand Central Bakery's story on the Como Bread:

As one of the Northwest's original artisan loaves, Grand Central's Como fueled a bread revolution in Seattle back in 1989. Now a daily staple in many homes and restaurants, Como is our most versatile rustic bread. Perfect either as table bread or sliced for sandwiches, the Como is an Italian-style white with a golden, nutty crust and chewy interior.

Ingredients: Unbleached enriched wheat flour, filtered water, preferment (unbleached enriched wheat flour, filtered water, yeast) salt.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Can you describe the Como bread? I'm going to look for an East Coast alternative for the foundation before I try my first pickle sandwich. I don't want anything to go awry!

  2. So I procured the Branson's at Cardullo's Market in Harvard Square. I have yet to explore the local bakeries in my new environs but I have a recommendation so maybe soon!

  3. Well, shocking results! I mistakenly assumed that Branson Pickle would taste like pickle relish. But it tastes more like Worcestershire sauce and doesn't even have cucumbers in the ingredients list; we're talking vegetables and apples. Wow. And the sandwich was great too. Thanks for blowing my mind!